Gaia’s History

BDC stands for Before Dirtusk Calendar
DC stands for Dirtusk Calendar, the standard calendar used by most of Gaia inhabitants.

Citlali Empire and its fall: Unknown to BDC 267~
Ten Thousand years ago all of Gaia was united under a single empire called Citlali. Not much is known about the empire aside for several ruins. While it’s accepted knowledge that the Citlali were a magically advance empire as evidenced by the floating island high above the Delton Sea. But some Historians argue that Citlali were also technologically advanced as evidence by unique metal found exclusively in Citlali ruins. Historians rely on a single document survived the fall of Citlali which the unknown author describes he or she believed how the weave collapse was linked to falling of the Citlali cities. Without magic to defend themselves the few survivors were either scattered, dead from being unfamiliar with survival techniques or killed by monsters and beasts. To add insult to injury it seemed as if the gods also cursed the lands leaving behind a wasting disease that is incurable even by current magical or medical standards. With the fall of Citlali Empire a period known as the Dark Ages began.

Dark Ages: 267 – 53 BDC
The Dark Ages was period of time where Gaia technology and culture regressed and then stagnated. With very little livable land many barbaric tribes and the few surviving Citlali fought each other trying to fight for what is essentially survival. It is believed by the Hobgoblins that the Citlali eventually died out during the early periods of the Dark Ages, while the Elves claim to be descendant from the Citlali.

Beginning of the Dirtusk Empire: 53 BDC to 1 DC
It is said that the city of the Belkord was founded around -53 by a tribe of hobgoblins, exactly when has been lost over time. Soon after the founding of the city the Hobgoblins managed to find ancient documents of the Citlali. Using this new rediscovered knowledge the hobgoblin city rapidly grew secured its place in the world as center of learning and trade. It was only after the Kord Dirtusk became the ruler of the city at 12 BDC and instigated an expansion campaign. The Hobgoblin city state spread throughout the land conquering tribes and established the Dirtusk Empire. It was Dirtusk himself that mandated the adoption of the current calendar. At the same time a deceleration called the Kord doctrine established that only Hobgoblins could study magic, and that any tribe or nation who studies magic would automatically become enemy of the Dirtusk Empire, even if said person was living under Dirtusk rule.

Discovery of the Crown of the World or Kaito: 1217 DC to 1219 DC
After the recent conquest of the Frost-fist Dwarven tribe that in the northern region of the continent, the Dirtusk Empire began to investigate if it was possible to find passage to the Crown of the World through the cursed sea, a region of sea that was said to be cursed by the wasting disease and is impassable. What the Dirtusk were expecting was a frozen wasteland with possibility of littered Citlali ruins in the snow as indicated by ancient maps. However what they found was an unusually temperate land populated by humans a previously unknown race.

Decline of the Dirtusk Empire: 1219 – 1230 DC
When the Hobgoblins learned of the Humans well-established magic schools, they threaten to invade the various city states spread around the Kaito continent. To carry out this threat the Dirtusk conscripted the various Dwarven tribes believing that river boats they used for raiding and fishing would be suitable for ocean travel. As the Dirtusk invasion force set sail, a hurricane swept the seas decimating the invasion fleet. Despite the heavy loss of ships, the invasion went underway. With the war occurring resulted in the in the Dragon Empress Restoration, a unification of the various city states under the previously figure head leader. After four year war, the loss of large amount of men from both the war and the initial hurricane an ambitious Dwarf by the name of Ryken Ironfist banded together various Dwarven tribes to rebel from Dirtusk rule. This rebellion even spread to the Elves who had previously secretly studied magic under Dirtusk rule. After additional 7 years of fighting to crush rebellions, the Dirtusk Empire lost slightly half of its peak lands and forced a peace treating with the new nation of Vorel and declaration of the various rebellious races to be free.

Industrial Revolution: 1330~ DC – Present day
While the Elves were now free to study magic for the past 100 years, during their occupation they have developed a knack of understanding of engineering. Eventually through experiments over the course of the next generation of Elves started to invent new techniques and machines to better their lives resulting in the start of the industrial revolution. This industrial revolution first stayed among the elves, and it wasn’t until mimicking and learning from Elven masters that the rise of Industry began to take shape. While currently both Dirtusk and Dwarven nations resist the change favoring the olden ways, many of debated on adopting their rule.

Present Day: Spring 1446 DC
The start of the campaign.


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