Character creation and house Rules

Before I begin let me give some of the crib notes I have for the world.

• Elves are the most populace race in the world, not humans.
• Dwarfs live above ground with a Viking life style that is becoming more “civilized”.
• Hobgoblins are basically like Romans/Byzantines
• Humans, I’m going for more Asian theme.
• Rufel is going to be Egyptian theme society
• Lakash is going to be Victorian or Colonial theme.

I have a few house rules that I would like to use in the campaign. At the moment these house rules are not set in stone.

House Rules

  • Clerics and Druids require a prayer book that functions like a wizard spell book, such as learning 2 spells per level. With the exception that they use Wisdom instead of Intelligence for their spellcraft for learning new spells.
  • Clerics and Druids get scribe scroll as a bonus feat.
  • Everyone will have share experience points. For example everyone hits level 2, level 3 etc at the same time.
  • Bonus experience points will be awarded for roleplaying (and yes it’s still shared).
  • 3.5 spells can be learned, but are generally not in the market (both legal and black), nor can they be selected at level up. They may show up in treasure loot or acquired
  • Non PF_SRD materials are going to be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Teleport is modified that you can only travel between established permanent teleport circles that are linked together.

Character creation

Character creation and house Rules

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