Riddar: LN
Riddar is the Dwarven nation located in the Frozen North and founded by the Dwarven Hero Ryken Ironfist. The Frozen North is region of the world is an area of extreme cold is your biggest enemy. But in this cold there is a wealth of resources which is the Dwarfs main export aside for handcrafted items. The Dwarfs living in Riddar are proud people where personal honor and personal strength are valued. While the slur Nord was originally created as insult for Dwarfs, but however over time the Dwarfs of Riddar taken as a badge of honor and now properly use by the Dwarfs who gained respect regardless of race.


The Dwarfs both men and women are trained to be hardy to be able to live in the cold. Most structures are made of small stone buildings with straw roofs. The thought of industrialization is largely debated topic, arguing that the advances will weaken people. As result many Riddar is less industrialized then the other nations. While much of the region is civilized, there are pocket of Dwarven tribes that follow the old ways and would sometimes raid Riddar and foreign nations alike.

Relationships with other nations

In the past the many rivers flowing from Rufel Sea were used to raid Elven and Hobgoblins cities resulting in strained relationships to this day, especially considered of the occasional Barbarian Dwarf raids. Meanwhile the Vorel and Riddar relationships are currently warmed due to the respect earned when the Humans of Vorel aided in the revolution of Riddar.


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